Corporate Overview

Across virtually every sector of the economy, at every stage of the business life cycle, GA helps companies in transition understand and realize the maximum value of their assets. In business for more than 40 years, our company and team of trusted professionals have developed unparalleled expertise at assessing the value of assets in a variety of businesses and, when necessary, managing the sale of those assets.

Advisory and Valuation Services

As one of the largest appraisal practices in the U.S., GA professionals conduct thousands of appraisals each year representing hundreds of billions in assets annually.

Retail Solutions

GA provides a suite of services in the retail industry, from the development and execution of complex store closing programs to targeted store opening programs to advising on mergers and acquisitions.


GA Global Partners disposes of assets for a wide range of wholesale and industrial clients utilizing state-of-the-art web technologies, real-time digital communications, and proven marketing expertise to reach the largest network of qualified buyers from around the world.

Capital Investment

GA Capital uses a flexible and responsive approach to providing first and second lien financing solutions for companies in a wide range of industries.