Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets

GA is well-versed in helping clients determine the value of intellectual property and intangible assets, providing insight on how these assets can be utilized to facilitate secured and unsecured financings ranging from asset-based structures to high-yield bond offerings. As the business landscape becomes increasingly competitive, intellectual property and other intangible assets have become increasingly important factors in the analysis of business value.

With decades of experience and more than $11 billion in assets appraised, GA has appraised, bought, and sold a wide array of intellectual property and intangible assets. We can help you identify and establish the market value, either in current use or in liquidation, for most categories of intangible assets, including the following:

  • Trademarks and Trade Names
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Contracts
  • Customer Lists
  • Royalty Streams
  • Domain Names
  • Resource Rights