Live Auctions

An on-site, outcry auction sale is one of the benchmark services provided by GA Global Partners. Qualified buyers gather at a specified place, date, and time to competitively bid against one another for the assets on offer. All items and lots are sold to the highest bidder, thereby maximizing recovery values.

GA Global Partners’ auctioneers are recognized throughout the industry for their sales skills and extensive industry experience. Our live auctions are guaranteed to include hands-on involvement, meticulous site and asset preparation, and the creation of an environment for maximum recovery. A live auction can be used for single sites or multiple locations and includes the use of a POS software system for customized client sales reports, customer invoicing, and asset tracking.

Depending on the asset types and their markets, a live auction sale may also be webcast live over the Internet using GA Global Partners’ state-of-the-art software. A webcast allows for a significantly larger pool of buyers to competitively bid.