Industry Vertical Auctions

Industry vertical auctions provide the perfect solution for companies challenged with finding an efficient and cost-effective method for the disposal of a limited number of assets. GA Global Partners combines common surplus items from multiple sellers into a cohesive online auction and markets the sale as a standalone event. The combination of multiple sellers’ assets makes the sale attractive to potential buyers and allows it to be economical for the seller, as the costs are shared by the group versus a single company.

Industry vertical auctions are held online quarterly and focus on four industry sectors:

  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Healthcare/Technology
  • Construction/Rolling Stock/Fleet
  • Processing
GA Global Partners auctions surplus items from all asset categories including machinery, equipment, vehicles, material handling, and test and measure. Prior to the auction, sellers provide GA Global Partners with photos and technical specifications for the items. Items are sold as-is while in the seller’s possession. Sellers are responsible for facilitating potential buyer inspections, which are pre-planned for a designated period. GA Global Partners handles the marketing, conducts the auction, collects funds, provides the seller with paid invoices, and transfers funds to the seller’s account after the auction is reconciled.

There are no upfront costs to sell items in our industry vertical auctions. GA Global Partners charges a nominal commission on all items sold, which covers all sale-related expenses. If items do not sell, the seller will not be charged a fee. Buyers are responsible for arranging and paying for rigging and transportation.