Disposition Services

GA is a recognized leader in disposition services and is backed by powerful financial reserves and decades of experience. GA has a dedicated management team that understands the complex dynamics between operating a profitable business and maximizing return on investment. From judging values for inventory and fixed assets, to financing and executing dispositions, thousands of clients have relied on GA to transform assets into cash quickly and efficiently, with full consideration of the company’s reputation.

Inventory Clearance

GA has a proven track record of successfully promoting and executing inventory clearance sales in order to quickly transform merchandise into working capital. GA can provide immediate cash payments for merchandise or guarantee recovery results backed by extensive lines of credit. Working closely with clients, GA creates a superior operating plan that treats employees and customers with respect. We also design and execute effective advertising and marketing programs to attract customers, while also formulating and implementing proprietary systems that track daily sales, margins, and expenses.

Fixture Dispositions

Based on the current marketplace, GA crafts a fixture disposition strategy to ensure the highest potential recovery. GA can seamlessly divest fixtures alongside a store-closing or inventory clearance sale, as higher returns are achieved if fixtures are sold during the merchandise liquidation. Clients can rely on GA to ensure stores will be left in proper condition according to the company’s requirements. GA can also purchase fixtures upfront and sell them through our exclusive buyer network. In any scenario, GA’s decades of experience as one of the largest liquidation firms in the country positively impacts recovery values.

Orderly Asset Dispositions

When assets with significant book value require a longer marketing or sale timeframe, a strategic and controlled orderly liquidation can help a company maximize overall returns and minimize customer attrition. Orderly dispositions work well for assets with larger and repetitive quantities, limited market demand, and specialized applications. The assets can cover multiple facilities or single-site closings, as well as excess assets no longer needed for ongoing operations. An orderly liquidation scenario is compatible with all types of assets, and a project manager who specializes in your industry will be placed to oversee the complete disposition process.