Store Closing Programs

GA is the leading provider of successful store closing programs assisting retailers with retirement, going out of business, and bankruptcy sales. Store closures can provide retailers the opportunity to transfer excess clearance or slower-moving inventory from go-forward locations and sell them through the closing locations. In addition, the least desirable inventory in go-forward stores many times becomes the most desirable inventory in closing locations. Based on extensive experience and resources, GA achieves the highest average selling price and overall sell-through percentage possible.

For one store or 100 stores, healthy retailers continually call on GA to:

  • Convert unwanted inventory into working capital
  • Advise on maximizing the impact of special promotional events in existing stores
  • Develop specific plans to retain and redirect customers to go-forward stores and online channels
  • Negotiate rent relief and mitigate lease liability

GA’s liquidation philosophy is as follows:

  • Protect the client’s brand, history, and customer goodwill
  • Utilize store closings to clear excess inventory and create a significant liquidity event
  • Engage store management, associates, and customers to ensure a smooth operation
  • Remain flexible and tailor our approach to the client’s needs
  • Realize that anyone can write a contract, but not everyone can develop a partnership that accomplishes the goals of its clients
  • React quickly, as this is the key to liquidations
  • Continue to work for the client after the merchandise is sold by getting the most value for the remaining fixtures, furniture, other assets, real estate, and other intangibles

Wind-down Services

GA can help clients wind-down an entire operation from beginning to end. From liquidating all merchandise, fixtures, and other assets and intangibles to negotiating early lease terminations, GA has the resources and experience necessary to efficiently and effectively wind down operations while maximizing recovery values. A wind-down would be conducted similarly to a store closing sale, though would entail closing the entire operation.