Store Opening Program

GA understands the delicate balance of resources required to operate and grow a successful retail business. Our retail expansion services leverage GA’s proven industry experience with the client’s resources and knowledge. GA delivers on time and on budget with minimal distraction to existing locations, with greater efficiency and less expense. Our team can seamlessly manage and execute retail expansion programs to your specifications throughout the world.

For each store opening program, GA performs the following:

  • Meet with your management team to understand specific goals and requirements
  • Develop a daily time and action plan to effectively and efficiently achieve the desired results
  • Open the first store with GA field staff to thoroughly understand the process and requirements
  • Develop realistic and achievable milestones
  • Prepare a detailed budget based on specific needs, requirements, and capabilities
  • Dedicate and train GA’s field staff to seamlessly manage ongoing retail openings. GA can fully stage and merchandise a new store in as little as seven days in some cases

Leveraging the latest digital technologies, GA’s retail expansion portal site allows users to document, track, and evaluate the store opening program at any time. This real-time communications tool makes it possible for a single company manager to oversee numerous expansion projects across the globe.