Successful Projects

GA successfully provided a host of services in the following case studies:

NRDC Equity Partner’s Acquisition of Lord & Taylor

  • Provided NRDC with an accurate and timely appraisal of Lord & Taylor’s inventory and fixed assets
  • Supported the acquisition team with extensive knowledge of the inventory and related controls
  • Created a strategy for the disposition of unwanted assets including the high-profile store closing sale of Chicago’s Water Tower location

San Francisco Music Box Acquisition of The Museum Company

  • Offered an accurate and timely appraisal of The Museum Company’s inventory
  • Devised a strong and winning acquisition plan to purchase the company at auction
  • Conducted closings of underperforming stores to ensure the best value
  • Provided cash at closing for unproductive assets
  • Enabled San Francisco Music Box to achieve a solid foundation to move forward with the remaining stores

Acquisition of Bachrach by a Private Investor

  • Provided the investor an in-depth understanding to navigate issues encountered in the bankruptcy process including those at auction
  • Identified top-performing stores that would provide the greatest value to the investor
  • Purchased unwanted inventory and fixtures from 25 underperforming stores, helping to facilitate the close of the transaction
  • Quickly and successfully closed underperforming locations without impairing the brand name